I see many (mainstream, American) Master Masons, who are not members of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite sporting clothing, or other effects with the motto – virtus junxit mors non separabit – inscribed on it. And it prompts me to think do they really have a valid Masonic claim to that motto. As a Scottish Rite Mason I enjoy this motto, and the meaning is valid whether or not you are even a member of the Craft – but within the context of our systems of Masonry, should those who are not Perfect Elus be using this motto? As a corollary question, should any (mainstream, American) Mason claim or use a motto, symbol, sigil, etc… commonly associated with a particular rite/body/degree to which he has no valid Masonic claim? Does a Master Mason have an indefeasible claim to all of Masonry (inclusive of iconography, mottoes, titles, etc…)  including those Rites/Bodies still actively operation of which he has no membership?