How to drive new and old members to the Commandery

  1. Provide instruction about chivalry.
  2. Practice chivalry.
  3. Learn about the history of early knighthood, and what it meant to be an historical knight.
  4. Avoid being an extension of the American Legion or VFW or National Sojourners or Heroes of ’76.
  5. Talk about applications of Templar practices relevant to the modern world (i.e. In emulating those Knights who dedicated themselves to guiding pilgrims in centuries past, Masonic Templary is most esteemed when it guides the pilgrims of the Craft through the various windings of our Art to its most concealed recesses.)

How to drive away new and existing members from the Commandery

  1. Reject, suppress, antagonize, or ignore the many legitimate expressions of Masonic Templary, such as those found in Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite (Knight of St. Andrew and Knight of Kadosh), the Rectified Scottish Rite (history and lineage to the Rite of Strict Observance), and the Royal Order of Scotland (Knight of the Rosy Cross). Sidenote: such expressions predate the J.L. Cross version Templary utilized by the York Rite.
  2. Focus on excessive amount of drill and uniform inspections.
  3. Support or engender your commandery as an evangelical Christian organization.
  4. Believe all Masons should be Christian.
  5. Believe all Christian Masons ought to be Templars (of any type).
  6. Presume to know what Christian is, or isn’t.
  7. Swear an oath to harm others of a different religion.
  8. Behold to a vision of post-WWII America that only exists in the minds of a small remaining few.
  9. Pander to a particular Christian interpretation of historical events by people not really trained to understand religion or history (refer to item 5).

This list builds upon and adapts a list originally posted elsewhere on the internet. To ensure any controversial claims I make do not devolve back to the author of the original and controversy-free list, I have delinked my list from theirs.