Orders of Architecture
Orders of Architecture

Aside from the legalistic reasons given to us in our ritual, why is it “…To the Greeks, therefore, and not to the Romans, we are indebted for what is great, judicious, and distinct in architecture.”

The three primary cities of Greece during the classical era were, and curiously correspond to the Pillars of the Lodge,

Athens = Wisdom
Sparta = Strength
Corinth = Beauty

It is interesting that Corinth is approximately half way between Sparta and Athens; as situated in the Lodge. Further, according to legend, the founder of the city of Corinth Corinthos descenced from Helios, the Sun God, whose cult claimed the highest part of the Corinthian acropolis. The solar association with this City, whose attribute of beauty, is the same as the middle pillar of the Lodge – which also has solar associations – is intriguing to Masonic inquirers.

The Widow’s Son, associated with the solar pillar of beauty, was known not for his work in stone, but in bronze. Ancient Corinth was known throughout the classic world for its bronze, known as corinthian bronze, and was regarded by many as being more valuable and more beautiful than gold. It was so beautiful that it was used on the Beautiful Gate of the Second Temple. Of further curiousness is the possible alchemical association of turning a lessor alloy (bronze) into corinthian bronze which could be made to resemble either gold or silver depending on the process used. This alchemical association is not lost to the student of the Master’s Degree, which itself contains alchemical overtures.

And of course, the Kabalistic Tree of Life, also situated upon Three Pillars, of Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty, wherein the Pillar of Beauty is the middle, also with solar associations, only furthers one’s speculation as many Kabbalists associate the Fall with the sundering of the middle pillar – again a parable familiar to students of the Master’s Degree.

And while, nothing is really complete here, and it seems hard to imagine any proof will be made, I am curious – where do these thoughts take you?