Principal Category Title Author/Editor Date Foundational
History & Biography The Masonic Myth Jay Kinney 2009 1
History & Biography The Mason’s Words Robert G. Davis 2013 2
History & Biography An Introduction to the High Degrees of Freemasonry to the The High Degress of Freemasonry Henrik Bogdan 2006 3
History & Biography Light on Masonry. The History and Rituals of America’s Most Important Masonic Expose Arturo de Hoyos 2008 3
Masonic Philosophy Some Deeper Aspects Of Masonic Symbolism A.E. Waite 3
History & Biography The Origins of Freemasonry: Scotland’s Century, 1590–1710 David Stevenson 2001 3
Masonic Philosophy Contemplative Masonry CR Dunning 2016 4
History & Biography The Builders JF Newton Varies 4
Ritual & Ceremony An Examination of the Early Masonic Catchisms Harry Carr 5
Ritual & Ceremony Masonry Dissected by Samuel Pritchard Samuel Pritchard; Harry Carr; Arturo de Hoyos; S. Brent Morris. 5
Masonic Philosophy A Radical in the East S. Brent Morris 1993
Masonic Philosophy Albert Pike’s Esoterika: The Symbolism of the Blue Degrees of Freemasonry Arturo de Hoyos 2005
History & Biography Brill Handbook of Freemasonry Henrik Bogdan;J.A.M. Snoek 2014
Ritual & Ceremony Collectanea (All) Varies Varies
History & Biography Committed to the Flames: The History and Rituals of a Secret Masonic Rite Arturo de Hoyos; S. Brent Morris 2008
History & Biography Compasses and the Cross Stephan Dafoe 2004
Ritual & Ceremony English Masonic Exposures 1760–1769 A.C.F. Jackson 1986
Masonic Philosophy Freemasonry and Western Esotericism Henrik Bogdan
History & Biography Freemasonry in Context: History, Ritual, Controversy Arturo de Hoyos; S. Brent Morris 2004
Ritual & Ceremony Freemasonry’s Royal Secret – The Francken Manuscript Arturo de Hoyos; S. Brent Morris
History & Biography Freemasons Guide and Compendium, rev. ed. Bernard E. Jones 1950, 1956
Masonic Philosophy Freemasons’ Book of the Royal Arch Bernard E. Jones
Varies Heredom (All) Varies Varies
History & Biography Martinezism, Willermozism, Martinism and Freemasonry Dr. Gérard Encausse;Piers A. Vaughan 2020
History & Biography Masonic Rites and Systems Arturo de Hoyos
History & Biography Prince Hall Life and Legacy, 2d ed. Charles H. Wesley 1977, 1983
Ritual & Ceremony Reprints of Old Rituals Arturo de Hoyos; S. Brent Morris
Ritual & Ceremony Secrets of the High Degrees of Freemasonry: The Allegorical Conversations Arturo de Hoyos; S. Brent Morris
History & Biography The Craft: A History of English Freemasonry Mark Hamill 1986
History & Biography The Early French Exposures (London: Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 207) Harry Carr 1971
Ritual & Ceremony The Early Masonic Catechisms Douglas Knoop; G. P. Jones; Douglas Hamer 1943
Masonic Philosophy The Entered Apprentice Handbook JSM Ward
Masonic Philosophy The Fellow Craft Handbook JSM Ward
Masonic Philosophy The Freemason at Work Harry Carr 1992
Masonic Philosophy The Influence of Neoplatonic Thought on Freemasonry Favio Venzi 2007
Masonic Philosophy The Master Mason’s Handbook JSM Ward
Ritual & Ceremony The Most Secret Mysteries of the High Degrees of Masonry Unveiled Arturo de Hoyos; S. Brent Morris
History & Biography The Origins of Freemasonry: England Matthew D.J. Scanlan
Varies The Presontian Lectures (All) Varies Varies
History & Biography The Rite of Seven Degrees David Harrison 2021
Masonic Philosophy Western Esotericism and the Rituals of Initiation Henrik Bogdan 2007
Masonic Philosophy Whither are we Traveling Dwight L. Smith
History & Biography York Mysteries Revealed Neville Barker Cryer 2006

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