1. If you can’t get trusted with coffee, you can’t be trusted with anything else, most especially with initiating the next generation of men into the Craft.
  2. If you you’re “too good” to do the coffee run, that tells the Lodge everything they need to know about you.
  3. Show some initiative and confidence by leveling up the Lodge’s coffee game. Sure, unbranded stuff from the store is sufficient, but use some of your own money, and give the Lodge a treat and indulge them with something amazing they will enjoy (especially if you hate it).
  4. Actually serve the coffee. Learn how everyone takes their coffee. Master it.
  5. Remember #4 when you get to the East and show up at a Brothers house/office (with coffee) in need a favor or advice.

Corollary: If you’re a WM of a Lodge that can’t implement a full complement of officers, make the newest Entered Apprentices and Fellow Crafts perform this job. It makes their becoming a Master Mason all the more poignant when they’ve been relieved of this role. It also makes point #2 all the more critical when they’ve been moved back into it.