On Monday, October 22nd, 1866, Wasatch Lodge was established by dispensation of the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Montana, Ancient Free & Accepted Masons, entrusting its fate to Brothers Reuben Howard Robertson Worshipful Master; J. M. Orr, Senior Warden; and S. De Wolfe, Junior Warden. The name “Wasatch” was suggested by then Montana Grand Lodge Secretary, Worshipful Brother Wilbur Fisk Sanders, who thought the name fitting for the location of the Lodge – as our beautiful mountain namesakes stretch forth to the heavens, so should it be that are our aspirations mirror that beauty and heaven-ward progress. Since that day, thousands of men have been created a Mason in our hallowed halls, and it is fitting, in memory of them and those yet to come, to commemorate the birth of our Lodge and call to mind its glorious (139) year history.

Ours is a Lodge set apart from all others in Utah, for we are number 1. This seemingly casual distinction on the rolls of the Grand Lodge bears with it an awesome responsibility, that of being a leader, to be the vanguard of Freemasonry, and to excel in any metric of Masonic measurement. Our solemn charge is not to be better than any other Lodge, for such contentions are not held among Masons, ours is the most sacred of Brotherly charges, to give back up for history the Lodge our forbears left to us, and to see to it, that those to whom we shall leave this Lodge, do justly the same; to leave Wasatch Lodge #1 stronger than we found it, and in doing so make our Mark on her walls as so many have done – that in this time and place we committed ourselves to a path of unmitigated excellence. The records of our Lodge firmly establish this, our great work – our struggle to be better than ourselves – which is itself our reward.

Since that late October Monday so long ago, the Brothers of Wasatch Lodge #1 have acquitted themselves with the greatest distinction, honoring themselves, their Fraternity, and the civilized world, and on every occasion establishing Freemasonry as synonymous with the highest sense of gallantry and virtuous practices.

We today have received the high name of Freemasonry and its repute from those Brothers who have preceded us. With it, we have received from them the eternal spirit, which has animated our tradition from generation to generation, and has been the distinguished emblem of men in all ages. So long as that spirit continues to flourish, I pray Wasatch Lodge #1 should be found equal to the task of establishing our Light wherever it may be in need; and in doing so, make no controversy for those who come long after we have all been Raised to that Celestial Grand Lodge Above, to regard us as worthy successors to that long line of illustrious men who have served since the founding of our Fraternity.