First, there is no such animal as esoteric Masonry. There is simply Masonry. Masonry, as an Initiatory tradition, is by definition esoteric. But never come to believe there are esoteric masonry, knife and fork masonry, historic masonry, etc… Masonry is above all singular; there is only Masonry.

Second, confusing esoteric Masonry (as such) with the occult sciences is a mistake. The occult sciences derive from the speculative principles of Masonry (or least originate from the same impulse), not the other way around. Ergo, if you want to practice the occult sciences, then go to a group that focuses on that.

Masonry is a system of morality. Despite the fact that that we claim this language is confusing, it is actually plain and direct. The truth is, we just don’t want to admit it.

To assert that morality exists is to assert the supernatural exists, and thus to assert G*d (or some form divine being/s) exists. There are no physical properties of morality. There are no moral atoms, no moral chemical reactions, no moral waves or particles, no moral math and no moral equation. Morality exists apart from the physical world, hence, supernatural; above nature, above Creation. Thus, masonry as a system of morality, means we are a system of that which exists above nature, above base instincts and simple biological processes.

In short, if you are looking for occult science, go to such group. If you are looking for new age hocus-pocus, go to such a group. If however, you desire to explore the original impulse that inspired mankind to create, to dream, and to aspire beyond the physical world, and embrace his fellow in a community at large in the bonds of Brotherhood, then become a Freemason.