Utah Masons Making Motion Pictures

I think I may have found the one thing Google knows nothing about!

Having recently taking over duties as acting Secretary-Recorder for my local York Rite bodies, I started cleaning house. In doing so, I stumbled upon many wonderful treasures. One of which, are shots from a motion picture produced a group called Fraternal Productions, Inc – Salt Lake City, UT (to be distinguished from the LA company of the same name?) and directed by a Past Grand High Priest, Companion J. Warren Beless, who according to our current Most Excellent Grand High Priest, was an attorney at one point here in Salt Lake City.

I don’t know much about the Director, or the film. According to the Catalog of Copyrights, copyright protection was issued on 12/1/2930, and again on 12/15, and 1/20/31.

Any further information, greatly appreciated.